Our Expertise

State and Local Government Matters

PORTER team members have extensive experience working inside government as either elected leaders or staff – in local government, state government and in the U.S. Congress. With a strong foundation in the dealings and demands of government, we understand the daily challenges that decision makers face – from maximizing revenue to providing economic opportunities and adequate public services to dealing with any of the specific issue areas identified on this site. Our unique insights have enabled PORTER to provide significant benefits to cities, counties and other agencies such as airport authorities, regional transportation entities, educational institutions and travel/tourism/convention organizations.

Non-Profit Matters

Representing non-profit organizations is an important part of our portfolio. Whether you are a charitable concern or a membership, trade or economic development association, we want to help your organization stand out and give you a platform for success. PORTER is on your side whether you seek advocacy support to gain legislative or regulatory solutions, want to raise your visibility, build coalitions, gain grassroots support or find opportunities for a steady stream of funding.

Business Matters

PORTER is here to enhance and build your business through hard work, extensive political connections and decades of knowledge surrounding corporate and regulatory law. Our customized and modern solutions make achieving your business goals not just a reality, but a guarantee.

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Federal Grants and Appropriations

The federal budget goes to a diverse range of programs, from education to military. PORTER is here to ensure you are able to partake in the federal appropriations process and get the resources you need to achieve your goals. Our staff has considerable experience in the world of both mandatory and discretionary spending.

Legislative Strategy and Process

PORTER’s team is connected to the people who make things happen. From idea to bill to law, we have the resources and skill to shape public policy.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Transportation and infrastructure continue to be timeless and deeply impactful elements of societal and economic growth. PORTER is here to assist you through legislation, agency interaction, grant coordination and appropriations in fields such as aviation, transit, highways, rail and autonomous and other smart technologies. We do this by connecting you with key officials and decision makers and an aggressive advocacy strategy.


With the dynamics that drive continuous technological change and growth, PORTER understands the increasing issues surrounding privacy and cybersecurity. Using a network of key legislators and comprehensive knowledge of policy, we can help protect your business goals while providing extensive protection within the vast world of technology innovation.


Defense continues to be a massive part of the federal budget expenditure. PORTER possesses deep connections within the defense community – both inside and outside the Pentagon. And, with decades of working experience with authorizers and appropriators within the U.S. Senate and House defense committees, we are eminently prepared to help you navigate, understand and take advantage of the complex maze of regulations and funding opportunities.

Education and Workforce

PORTER is well-versed in educational matters from both a pre-K-12 and higher education perspective, allowing us to fully understand and distinguish the issues facing each level. Representing educational institutions of all sorts, we know the ins and outs of seeking and obtaining funding streams for educational opportunities, facilities and programs, as well as support for STEAM programs, servicing underprivileged students, and advocating for skilled workforce training.

Federal Lands

With 47% of Western states’ lands being held by the federal government, the topic of public lands is more relevant than ever. Using an expansive knowledge of policy and a team that has been involved in every major lands bill of the last decade, an advocacy campaign by PORTER delivers results.

Travel and Tourism

PORTER team members have held long-standing positions on travel, tourism and special events boards and understand the complexities of the tourism industry. As the former co-chair of the Congressional travel and tourism caucus, Congressman Porter has been instrumental in passing some of the most important measures in the industry. PORTER can help you navigate the more nuanced aspects of travel, including airline, immigration and visa issues and put together a solid advocacy plan that reflects all the challenges associated with today’s complex environment.

Gambling and Lotteries

For over two decades PORTER has advised and represented clients in the gaming industry. With our involvement in the constant changes affecting lotteries, online betting and sports wagering and, with extensive experience working in various states where gaming is prevalent, we have valuable access to the heart of policy and decision making.