Who We Are

PORTER is a bipartisan federal government affairs and business consulting firm led by former U.S. Congressman Jon Porter. Its members have depth and versatility in policy, legislative/regulatory process, politics, and business. PORTER has access to an extensive network of bipartisan government and professional business relationships in Washington, D.C. and beyond. Located on Capitol Hill, right at the heart of the room where it happens and close to the people who make things happen, we take strategic action, as quickly as needed, to help you achieve measurable results no matter the obstacles.

What We Do

PORTER serves clients in developing and executing achievable federal government affairs strategies and plans. This includes help with legislative and/or regulatory relief, appropriations, grants, relationship building within the Congressional and Executive branches, advocacy campaigns, and other strategies to bring about action at the federal government level. We can help with all types of Congressional, White House, Executive Agency, or political needs and can generate grassroots and other types of advocacy plans.

PORTER utilizes its strong and extensive international network, established over many years, to help you drive business or membership development and make high level connections when access to the right people in the business or non-profit world matters to solving a problem.

PORTER has a unique expertise in helping to build and re-structure in-house government affairs teams for businesses and non-profit organizations.

PORTER’s team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals will help you achieve your goals across a wide range of industries and subject matter.

  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Federal Grants and Appropriations
  • Public Lands and Federal Land Management
  • Technology
  • Defense
  • Education and Workforce
  • Disability Policy
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Gaming and Lotteries

Who We Help

Whether you are a government agency, a business, a non-profit, or individual, PORTER combines expertise with resourcefulness to find the right pathways – not always the traditional ones – to meet and resolve your challenges. PORTER's carefully chosen team is unmatched in its combined ability, resourcefulness, and agility.

PORTER provides significant benefits to cities, counties, and other public-serving agencies such as airport authorities, regional transportation entities, educational systems and institutions, and tourism/convention organizations. Our team members have extensive past experience working inside federal, state, and local governments as either elected leaders or staff professionals. With a strong foundation in the dealings and demands of government, we understand the daily challenges of decision makers who provide essential services to the public. We are tenacious in finding ways within the structure of the federal government to get results in areas such as infrastructure, public lands, transportation, economic development, appropriations and grants, technology, housing, healthcare, education/workforce, and more.

With experience in building and running substantial companies, we speak the language of business. We know that finding solutions equates to results and accountability. The PORTER team will deliver realistic and strategic options by applying an understanding of your business and keeping your ROI in mind. With solid expertise in policy and process and extensive relationships in D.C. and across the nation, we will help advance your legislative and regulatory priorities. With our knowledge of business operations and board governance, and access to longstanding, high level relationships on your behalf, we can help generate business-to-business connections throughout the commercial world when connections can expediently solve a problem or provide business development opportunities.

Representing non-profit organizations is an important part of our portfolio. Whether you are a charitable concern or a membership, trade, or economic development association, we want to help your organization stand out in D.C. and build a platform for your agenda. PORTER is on your side whether you seek advocacy support to gain legislative or regulatory solutions, want to raise your visibility, build coalitions, gain grassroots support, or find opportunities for a steady stream of funding and membership development.

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