Porter Gordon Silver (PGS) is a full-service, bi-partisan government affairs firm that helps find solutions to our client’s problems. Our goal is to “Bridge the Gap” between entities. Whether you are a business or a government, our goal is to improve your interactions with the public or the private sector. We expand our client’s business opportunities and increase their bottom lines. With offices in Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno and Phoenix, the PGS team has decades of experience in the private sector as well as experience at every level of government. We provide the depth, knowledge and skills to tackle complex issues and find innovative and forward thinking solutions on behalf of our clients.

PGS has a well-documented history of providing the best strategic advice to a diversified client base, both in government and the private sector. We are particularly proud of our partnership with the well-respected law firm of Gordon Silver that allows PGS to offer a scope-of-services that greatly exceeds most other consultant groups.